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About Glacial Drumlin United Soccer Club

In the heart of the glacial drumlin region of Wisconsin, is the Glacial Drumlin Park, headquarters of the Glacial Drumlin United Soccer Club (GDU). Glacial Drumlin United, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation organized and operated for the benefit of the youth of this region of southcentral Wisconsin.

GDU is a member of Madison Area Youth Soccer Association (MAYSA) and the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA).  We welcome players in grades 3 through 12 from area communities which includes Cambridge, Cottage Grove, Deerfield, Lake Mills, Marshall and Waterloo. GDU supports approximately 250 players on recreational and a limited number of competitive teams.

The first soccer teams were first established in the Fall 1995 outdoor season. 

The club is headquartered at :

Glacial Drumlin United Soccer Club
400 Whitetail Way
Deeerfield, WI 53531.

For further information, contact Glacial Drumlin United.