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Coaches' Corner

Field Schedule

The Field Schedule is also the Referee Assignments document. A link will be provided when the schedule is available.

Drills and Training

» eTeamz: Tips and Drills
» Pill's Drills
» Agility Drills
» footy4kids
» Soccer Training Skills
» Soccer Training Info
» Sport Fitness Advisor - Soccer Training
» Goalkeeper Training
» SoccerROM
» World Class Coaching

» International Coaches Association
» National Soccer Coaches Association of America

Player Health

» How to Prevent Injuries in Youth Soccer

If you have any other links you'd like to share, let us know.


Every coach in the MAYSA district MUST obtain the proper certification/license issued by the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association. Different levels of licensure are required for coaches at different competition and age levels. Please read the "Minimum Certification Requirements" for details. An up-to-date list of scheduled coaching courses is available on the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association web site.