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Referee Assignments

The Referee Assignments schedule is also the Field Schedule document. A link will be provided when the schedule is available.


Level 9 You must be at least 12 years old at the time to take a Level 9 Entry Level Clinic. Once certified, you will be able to officiate U7 through U14 recreational games.

Level 8 You must be at least 14 years old at the time to take a Level 8 Entry Level Clinic or a Level 9 to 8 Course Clinic. Once certified, you will be a certified United States Soccer Federation Referee and will be able to be a referee at any level at which you and the referee assignor feel comfortable. This includes both recreational and competitive games and WYSA-sanctioned tournaments.You are also be eligible to be an assistant referee for any level at which you feel comfortable.

Please see the MAYSA Referee pages for details and a current course listing.

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Recent change to the substitution procedure used in Wisconsin youth games regulated by the United States Soccer Federation:

"At any stoppage of play, either or both teams may ask and expect the referee to permit substitutions for players. "

We're taught that referees should exercise judgment to sustain the flow of a game. Is there a frequent game-situation where a referee may decide that, despite the appearance of "stoppage," the play continues and the referee may legally delay substitution until the next true stoppage occurs?

Yes! A frequent situation is the "quick-restart" free kick where the kicking team makes no request to the referee to provide a 10-yard gap. A referee should not permit a request for substitution to take away the advantage that the quick-restart will provide the kicking team.

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