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2016 Glacial Drumlin United Board

President: Chad Patrick

Vice President: John Kaiser

Secretary: Anne Aplin

Treasurer: Lynette Eickhoff

Registrar: Connie Philpot

Field/Complex Manager: Troy Eickhoff

Fundraising: Clay Frazer, Chad Patrick, Joanna Hesse

Merchandise: Andrea Sopkovich

Field Coordinator: Anne Aplin

Website & Social Media: Peggy Peters

Team Representatives:

U11 G Phoenix: Anne Farrar - Board, Shannon Tuscic

U12 G Force: Anne Farrar - Board

U13 G Comets: Open

U14 G Galaxy: Open

HS G Rage: Judy Nichols - Board, Chad Patrick, Lynette and Troy Eickhoff

U10 B Lakers: Amy Litscher - Board

U10 B Yellowjackets: Open

U11 B Sabers: Joanna Hess

U12 B Avengers: Lynette and Troy Eickhoff

U12 B Jaguars: Clay Frazer, Chad Patrick

U14 B Storm Strikers: Bob Wardall, Nikki and Matt Thomas - Board

U14 B Thunder and Lightning: Staci Lein

U14 B Cobras: Chad Patrick

To contact Board members, email Glacial Drumlin United.

If you are interested in filling one of the Board vacancies, running for a position in the future, or working on a committee, we would love to hear from you!